Hotel Kriemhild

The fifties

In Nymphenburg a house with six apartments was built, four of them were to be rented to secure funding.

Upon completion at the end of year, a Munich hotel decorator gave the recommendation to open a pension to pay the debt. The lack of furniture and equipment was provided by him and the repayment mode was sealed with a handshake.

With a lot of hard work and effort, risk has been started.

The Nymphenburg district was at this time a popular destination for Munich citizens. The park, the castle and the Botanical Garden invited them to take a walk outside the city. Passenger traffic was still weak – because who wanted to spend even 6-8 DM for one night? Difficult years passed for the pension.

The sixties

The first travelers and representatives soon recognized to be well placed at the “Mom Kriemhild”. Soon the insert was rewarded by a ever-growing group of guests. After completion of the hotel school and volunteer time in different factories, in 1964 the junior married Traudl, a maid, where employed there at this time.

The 70s

With the lease to Werner and Traudl in 1972, the Seniors withdrew their well-deserved retirement. In the Olympic year, there was a hotel boom that showed its consequences afterwards. Now it was important to pass. Whether a guest comes back or makes a recommendation, was now dependent on what a house had to offer and on its personal touch. The slogan – be at home whilst on the way – has been implemented by Werner and Traudl into practice. Not that the guest was only welcome – he felt like home.

The 80s

Some of our regulars became members of the “Kriemhild club”, which was founded by Werner. He organized travels to far away countries, but also other events such as float and carriage rides.

The 90s

In the 90s the last rooms have been refurbished to meet the demands of today’s needs. Son Eric married in 1997 and founded a family with his partner Tanja.

In 1998 he has taken over the management of the hotel Kriemhild at Hirschgarten.

The new millennium

In 2000 the house was awarded 3 stars (comfort) by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) for further modernization measures.

2008 the large roof extension and external renovation followed.

The 3rd floor has been completely refurbished and so new spacious suites were created.

The installation of a modern elevator and a complete redesign of the façade should not be missing.